Noisy neighbours? Use a garden shed or garden studio and create an internal coutyard

a decorated garden shed



Sometimes the most inspiring gardens are those contained within a building. An internal courtyard can create seclusion and a real retreat from the world. It can also mean that potentially annoying neighbours can not be heard and uncontrollable views to the neighbouring landscape is not a concern.  An internal garden hardly promotes neighbourliness but it certainly offers a different garden experience.

In Australia, we have a very long, long garden that is about 10 metres wide. We also have very annoying loud neighbours.  One design solution that I have considered is building a garden office across the width of the back-end of the garden. The studio will block the neighbours noise  and all visual access.

Plus the garden area between the studio and the house will become like an internal courtyard. I really like the idea of solid walls defining a garden and not a flimsy fence with really bad views to the neighbouring landscape.

The only problem with this solution is the cost of building the studio shed.  A possible way to cut building costs is to get an off the shelf design solution. It is possible to get a slick contemporary garden studio from firms such as the Decorated Shed. Look at the photo above – pretty good I think.  They even have a green roof option…..But am not sure whether these types of off the shelf studio designs are available in Australia?