An ookky day with snails…eee…get off me vertical garden…go on….nick off

temporary vertical garden holding wall
anti-snail temporary vertical garden holding wall


I have never seen so many snails as I did today.

Over the last weeks Jane (my next day neighbour) and I have been filling the garden (its communual) with plants. Last night it rained. This morning my vertical garden was invaded and her copper fenced vege plot (see this blog for an explanation) had the slimey visitors as well. I am fairly sure the UK has more snails than Australia. We collected 3 tesco bags of snails. How is that possible? What the hell is going on in snail land. TV must be bad. 

I screamed a lot and the whole thing made my skin crawl.

Anyway have picked off the snails and munched on leaves  (note chives were left intact). All the snail preferred plants from the vertical garden have now been relocated to a temporary holding wall until I work out what to do……its the other neighbours fault (not Jane) ….of course ….the snails are breeding in their climbers. I think we will need to remove all climbers . Any other suggestions?