Willow weaving sculpture – a garden art project for a weedy species in Australia?

willow sculpture in a garden

willow garden art with a building

There are many things that happen in the UK that do not happen in Australia. One of those happenings is Willow sculpture . Above are some shots I took at Kew Gardens, UK recently. The artist is Tom Hare.

Australian nature lovers tend to dislike Willows – they clog up the waterways and destroy habitat. As far as I am aware Australians have not taken to Willow weaving either.

I am very aware of my dark attitude to Willows. (there are plenty more – ivy, blackberry, in fact much of the English landscape! I say this half jokingly – but there is an element of truth).

Its very weird carrying around a kind of ‘hate’ for certain plants – particularly when living in an enviornment where it does not cause a threat to the ecosystem.  Anyway regardless of my ‘feelings’ for Willows I really enjoy the shapes and possibilites that can be created with its branches. Maybe there is a cottage industry waiting to happen in country Australia?