A copper snail proof fence for Jane’s raised planter bed – will it work?

copper garden art on raised planter

Last year my vegetable growing next door neighbour (Jane) was able to get her hands on a roll of copper. The copper was used to create a snail proof fence – (snails hate copper) – but the slimy creatures were able to jump the fence via blades of long grass. The fence circled the planting bed loosley – so there were lots of gaps.

Jane ended up being on snail watch pretty much all growing season. The copper fence was assessed as useless and the snails were cursed as crafty little so and so….

This year Jane has a counter crafty plan. Her boyfriend, Stuart, has kindly nailed the strip of copper to the top of the raised planting bed (as an aside its quite a nice finish to the raised timber planter regardless of it success, or failure, as a snail barrrier).

The plan is to keep the grass under the copper strip so the snails have no access to the veggie garden without having to cross the copper barrier. The planter has also been moved away from the brick wall – Jane will just need to ensure no leaves make contact with the wall.

Her boyfriend wanted to know why she did not just build a moat……..mmmm….. I’ll keep you updated on the snail proof fence.