Sublime garden art – convert your swimming pool into an eco wetland

wetland swimming pool

pool converted into wetland

swimming pools with plants modern design

Garden art that you can swim in? Pure bliss. The swimming pools above are new builds and retro fits – designed and constructed by Clear Water Revival in the UK.

Clear Water Revival are specialists in converting swimming pools into wetlands.

Wetlands are amazing systems –  they can filter heavily polluted water and make it clean. Importantly for swimming pools they can also kill bacteria.  It makes a lot of sense to design a swimming pool that can provide habitat as well as provide a swimming environment  that has no chemicals or salt.

Wetlands have become a standard water treatment system on many large-scale building and infrastructure projects where stormwater run-off needs to be treated on site before it is allowed back into the river systems (and eventually out to sea).  Typically these systems have had a ‘natural’ appearance. But there is nothing stopping the design having a very formal appearance. The design possibilities are endless.

Clear Water Revival’s website is a great website for design inspiration – take a look