Ever wondered what toxic land looks like? Here are some shots of ‘Blue Billy’

Soil and coal blue

Today I was on site with the other half who is a geologist. I could not believe the colour of the soil. The soil had ‘Blue Billy’ – a byproduct which is created when gas is manufactured from coal. After working for over 10 years in land contamination this was the worst soil contamination my husband has ever seen. Gosh the smell was putrid. Can you believe the colour?

Luckly this site is still used for industrial purposes (but not so lucky for the water table perhaps?)

It is amazing to know that  old gas works  have been converted into residential land and have later been found to contain ‘Blue Billy’ (see this article). This is a serious issue if children are playing in the soil and/or people are growing their own vegetables. For further details on issues surrounding the use of old industrial sites for homes please refer to the following land contamination blog.