Climbers and Creepers playground redesign at Kew Gardens is worse than ordinary – its .

The photos above are of the fabulous Kew Gardens Climbers and Creepers (London). This playground does not subscribed to lazy off the shelf design but unique play experiences around a theme of natural discovery.

When I first visited Kew Gardens in 2006 I thought the playground showed contemporary design thinking.  Last year I was even further impressed by Kew Gardens when I saw the dismantling of the outdoor section as it had become tired.

Wow not only do Kew Gardens do great playground design – they also update it.  This is progressive. Unfortunately I never photographed the outdoor section so I am unable to show you the before and after shots.

Yesterday we went to the Easter egg hunt at Kew Gardens. The egg hunt was great.

The outdoor playground was utter disappointment for me. It was the most uninspiring design with the most tedious turret pitched roof climbing structure. It’s not even worth discussing.