The subversive gardener is Vanessa Harden. Covert seed dispersal design agent.

woman and man plant

seed bombs redesigned

I could not believe what Vanessa Harden was doing when I first spoke with her in 2009. She was at the very back of the student/fringe section of the 100% design show in London and I was on the hunt for interesting garden items. She was showing her redesign of a major gardening tool used by Guerilla Gardeners, the seed bomb. She had redesigned its size, shape and delivery to make it easier for the Guerilla Gardener to secretly inject plant life into public spaces.

Why would Venessa try to redesign the seed bomb?

She is a designer interested in exploring mainstream design processes and applying them to subcultures.

I was intrigued. Up until speaking with Vanessa I was oblivious to an actual Guerilla Gardening movement. Nevertheless I could identify with the desire to take public planting matters into one’s own hands. Preferably my hands – could i really trust someone else to get the seed mix right?

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