Haxnicks my tomato patio planters are not red.

patio planters

MAY 2009

haxnicks red patio planters with flowers

April 2010

The Haxnicks Patio Planters are¬†fantastic and are being used by Garden Beet’s next door neighbour again this year. However we think the red tomato patio planter has a longevity issue? The blue is fine and looks great – but the red looks ghastly after its exposure to the sun. Slight design issue. Tomatoes need sun.

Garden Beet stocks a wide range of the patio planters including the red. ‘Mr Haxnicks’ has visited this blog previously so maybe he might give us a little indication as to whether this issue will be resolved. Is it reasonable to assume that a planter bag has a longer life than 12 months? I don’t know – what do you think?

£14.99 for three .