Magpie Studio Recycle Plastic with Such Fun. Another Approach for Outdoor Accessories?

hanging light art in the garden

Recycling plastic and turning it into another product is a big industry. Especially for garden accesssories. Recycled plastic is a great material for the outdoors because of its robust nature and minimal maintenance requirements.

Unfortunately, most outdoor products using recycled plastic look terrible. A part from a few recycled planters and outdoor garden clocks there are not many other recycled plastic products designed for the garden that actually look good.

I suspect this problem has developed because plastic in the ‘eco garden accessories world’ is maligned. Manufacturers are busy trying to pretend plastic never existed and are attempting to turn it into wood. And what a terrible job they have done. For a review on the recycled plastic products at this year’s Eco Build in London take a look at Garden Beet’s blog post on Eco Build.

To rectify this situation all is needed is a different design approach. Magpie studio in South Africa are showing the way.

Magpie are not ostriches. Magpie realise planet earth has plastic and its here to stay – they are saying (to me anyway) lets recycle plastic well- lets play with its  unique characteristics. Its bright, fun and shiny. Yeah.

How fab is that? Why try to make plastic something that it is not?

Magpie is run by four guys in Barrydale West Cape, who now have  pieces in the Obama’s bedroom at the White House as well as in Anthropolgie on London’s Regent Street.

More Magpie design thinking is required for recycled plastic garden accessories.

Magpie also make  necklaces, wreathes and a whole host of other delights from rubbish. Go to their website for more outrageous fun

garden art lights

white hanging light with plastic