A Quick Garden Design Idea with 200 Objects, Not Much Money and Loads of Creativity

outdoor art with umbrellas

outdoor art creating a number four

colour with umbrellas

No money? Stuck for ideas on how to liven up your garden design?  Arrangement of the most everyday items can create a striking effect.

You have 30 minutes to liven up a drab garden. Lets apply the lessons being taught by artist Stephanie Imbeau outside London’s Channel Four. Repetition and Context.

Grab some household items that have the same shape and colour. Arrange these items and shapes in various ways, over and over again to create a pattern.


Take the items out of their normal setting and use them for a purpose for which they are not usually used or locate them in a setting where they are not normally found to create visual intrigue.

Voilà – a no dig amazing garden art program and a show stopping outdoor space.