Green walls are not enough at Westfield Shopping Centre. Landscape architects are you designing?

greenwall westfield

landscape design with seat

vertical garden

I was pretty disappointed by the public landscape design of Westfield Shopping Centre – it is just another  bland outdoor space. But it has a green wall? Yes, that is interesting. And the green wall curves? Yes that is interesting. And the green wall incorporates seating at its base. Yes, nice concept but its not executed with much finesse.

Overall the landscape design is as ho – hum as the rest. All the £££ are spent on the green wall.

Green walls have been a fabulous design diversion device. But beware landscape architects the ability of a vertical garden to add  ‘WOW’ to a design is probably soon ending. It is still possible to get a fairly ordinary architectural or landscape project noticed if a green wall is incorporated into a highly visible exterior or interior wall. But I am sure  the green wall vertical garden hype technique will soon end.

Big corporate design firms who continue to churn out  mediocre design (often sub standard mediocre) will probably fade once again and continue to contribute very little to raising the design standard.