Can you paint a Woolly Pocket? Vertical garden design hackers. Jeepers already?

woolly pockets with plants

Should I sell my last cream Woolly Pockets?  Given the frenzy that has occurred on my website since Miguel Nelson (the designer of Woolly Pockets) featured on Martha Stewart’s chat show last Friday I am seriously begining to wonder whether they will become collectables.

A vertical garden designer rang me yesterday and was not happy when I informed him that the cream planting pocket was being discontinued and I only had a few left – and possibly not enough to fit his proposed design.

His walls are cream and he wanted to create the illusion that plants were growing from the walls. It was very important that the Woolly Pockets were not totally covered with plants. The cream colour of the pockets needed to remain visible.

Well if he could not get cream he declared he was going to paint the pockets! Good grief – they are felted fabric – he could not see a problem with that.

But the paint may stop the vertical garden’s root systems from breathing? He still was not concerned.

I am not endorsing painting the Woolly Pockets but I did love the way this guy was hacking at the design.

Brown and Black are great and work well with many designs. New colours are also proposed. Nevertheless I hope the Woolly Pocket guys bring the cream back onto the market.