Home workers: would a rectangle of orange at the bottom of the garden help if you get caught in eeyore’s gloomy place?.

gardden art as a train

I had captain shite day yesterday in the world of internet business

1. Some dude tried to strike a ‘deal’ that was a total sham (I have waisted well respected suppliers and shippers time with organising the mother of all orders)

2.  Some other dude rang me trying to convince me that I needed his search engine help – he would not got away – and then when I told him I was already on the first page of Google he hung up on me! Right. Thanks for that.

3. Then a marketing letter landed in my inbox which set me off about the lack of transparency in internet business.

Then I went to Sam’s and sat in her back garden. And there it was. Her kinetic garden art. The 4.10 train. The beautiful speed of orange made me feel better.

Could this be a design solution for the home worker with no water cooler mates to debrief ? Ensure you have some type of colourful movement that changes the view momentarily in case you get caught in eeyor’s gloomy place. I think it works for me.