Guerilla Gardening Art in the UK with Richard and Pete Dungey

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Guerilla gardening is a type of gardening that involves planting in public spaces without any government endorsement. Its a war against ‘neglect and scarcity of public spaces to grow things be they beautiful, tasty (or both)’. UK based Richard has been operating The Guerrilla Gardening website since 2004 and documents a series of his and others guerilla gardening works (both in the UK and worldwide).

To me this is garden art.  When I asked Richard whether he thought his work was art this was his response

I’m a little uncomfortable with suggesting it’s art because of associations that come with that, but these are probably prejudices I have about artists! It’s a craft, it’s an obsession, it has symbolic elements, it’s publicly expressive, it can be provocative, it’s a performance… by these measure’s it’s art. But not art as it’s defined today as a business…………………………

…………………UK seems particularly backward compared with some other places I’ve visited. More to be revealed through my Pimp Your Pavement campaign this year.

Well I can’t wait for pimp the pavement. This movement is getting interesting. Watch out landscape architects.

Richard’s website is a great collection of work concerned with all forms of guerilla gardening.  His website currently features the work of Pete Dungey who is producing  ‘an ongoing series of public installations highlighting the problem of surface imperfections on Britain’s roads’. Pete is basically creating bright hazard signs to warn trucks, cyclists and cars of the pot holes with his guerilla gardens. Fantastic. Pete also has a call for participation on his website if you feel inclined.

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