The right to dry with Hills Hoist airers. A needed garden accessory for the eco aware

garden accessories to dry clothes

I had to laugh when Brian from the Laundry Company was explaining his fastest selling item is the Hills Hoist. I could not believe that this Australian icon – the ubiquitous garden accessory for the Aussie backyard – is having such momentum in the UK in 2010. The hills hoist is such an ingrained part of Australian outdoor living that artists use it as a symbol of suburbia. It was also featured in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Why is the Hills Hoist so popular? Because it dries so many bluddy clothes at once. It spins in the wind making drying time faster and it can be lowered to peg the clothes and then raised again to catch the wind. Plus it is all powered by the sun and the wind. A very eco design.

It is a fantastic design for any mother or father who has a daily conveyor belt of dirty laundry to wash, dry and fold. The Hills Hoist is also incredibly strong. When cyclone tracy hit Darwin 1974  it was one of the few items left standing. It is also proving popular by public housing authorities in the UK who have commented “Once fitted – those buggers ain’t going anywhere!”

Most people I know in Australia have a Hills Hoist and that includes a few landscape architects, garden designers and architects. I think most would say they are great but they do tend to look hideous.  I am always looking for different ways to make the hills hoist less …well…imposing. I think there is room for improvement and there is a solution lurking.

If you want one of these great airers check out the following website