Garden spider art is not welcome indoors on any walls – thank goodness for Luxebugaway a true eco gift

garden wall art spider in blueThis is garden wall art but sometimes these garden ornaments are REAL and come inside the home and are far from decorative. What does one do when faced with a big hairy spider? I strive  to leave them well alone and try to uphold the belief that we can all live happily together.  After all they catch insects and I do enjoy investigating their cobweb art masterpieces. But sometimes mother nature’s ‘creatives’ are not welcome – regardless of their artistic contributions to my very own domestic drudgery. Garden art by spiders in the outdoors is one thing but inside I need more insect control.

Oh what fun and joy I found upon seeing this great invention by Marjolijn. Its a simple to use insect catcher – every home needs one. A great eco-gift.

She has a very funny website too – there is an insect game – all very creepy crawly but a great way to relocate garden art (all in one piece) from the indoors to the outdoors. You can buy them from her website and she may even do other colours. Maybe lime green or pink?

insect art

art capture device