Ecobuild’s display of recycled plastics as imitation wood showed woeful design

At Ecobuild yesterday I was on the hunt for recycled plastics intended for public or private gardens.

I know recycled plastics can look great but I am also aware that more often than not it ends up looking like cheesy imitation wood.

And sure enough there it was recycled plastic trying to be wood. Again, again and again.

The design of garden accessories had taken a backward step and I really began to wonder how this could be dished up against the towering green wall cityscape exhibition.

I am worried that appalling faux wood public amenity furniture is going to be specified by some engineer who by no choice of his/her own is responsible for all civic works in some remote poorly funded county.

Just because something is made from a recycled material does not mean it is exempt from looking good. Being green is great but it is possible to have green and design combined.

Recycled plastic can look good.┬áJust don’t try to make it look like wood. Its not. Its plastic.