Wall planters are green walls at Ecobuild. Various technologies minus Woolly Pockets


green wall with timber

green wall felted fabric

green wall detail

green wall trellis made from stainless steel

green walls at eco build




The photos above are of the green wall display at Ecobuild in London (held this week ). Wall planters are changing and it is possible to wrap entire buildings with plants.

Ecobuild is a London based expo that show cases latests advancements in green building technologies. The centre piece of the expo was a city building measuring 8 metres tall each side clad with four techniques to grow plants vertically. These planters are known in the industry as green wall systems (also referred to as living wall and vertical gardens).

The green wall system shown at the 2010 Ecobuild expo were as follows:

1. A Hydroponic system whereby nutrients are fed to the plants via a watering system controlled by computer.  (BioTecture)

2. A Soil and compost system which is held vertical via a plastic tray or module. (Aldingbourne’s ANSystem)

3. A Coconut fibre base mat supplied with 16 mature, well established plants. (Mobilane’s Helix Mat)

4.  A Stainless Steel Cable system to provide a trellis for climbers. (Jakob system supplied in the UK by MMA).

Unfortunately the Woolly Pocket wall planter system was busy and unable to make its debut  at Eco Build in the UK this year.

Never mind but if you are looking for an easy to install wall planter (without the need to employ a green wall specialist and a computer system) do check out the Woolly Pockets.

Its a type of wall planter made of a felt type fabric woven from recycled plastics.  Simply hang on the wall, insert soil and install plants and off you go.

Oh and just in case you are wondering these wall planters can be used on commercial projects. But like all the other green wall systems you may need some help. Garden Beet will be happy to direct .

green wall woolly pockets with girl