Streetscape and Garden Walls in London are lying. Urban designers move with your art culture.

Garden wall art in the front

What the F*k is this? Its a FAKE garage door.

Forget the fact that it is not being used as a garage – lets just pretend its a garage and everyone will be happy.

garden wall reinstated

Mr and Mrs Blah Blah restored their wonderful garage but they can not actually use it.  Never mind a streetscape is never ruined by a car parked outside the house.

I think the theroists call this type of thing ‘facadism’.

Anyway, there is no streetscape design excitement in East Twickenham, London.

Design of gardens in the street

But quick over here . Oh thank god a teeny weeny bit of inner joy on my daily walk. A bit of anti-heritage street art by the local hooligans c. 2000.

A stencil on the garden wall of a giraffe