Designers: water tanks need some serious butt thinking. Water quality by 2015 needs to be pristine.

By 2015 rainwater that does not become absorbed  by the ground has to leave a property in ‘pristine’ condition before it enters into the UK waterways.

This water is often referred to as ‘run-off’.

Land that is contaminated will need to store and treat its ‘run-off’ on site. Surely that is a good thing? Yes, but we need space – we need clever ways of holding the water whilst we are treating it.

One option is to store the water underground.

Another option is to include water tanks in our walls which in turn sustains a type of garden wall art as proposed in the image below.

The design below is not new in the blog world – particularly for those blogs interested in living walls– however the importance of its design thinking is worth mentioning again in a different context.

The fence does many things, its a barrier, provides amenity to the surrounding landscape and yes it is a variation on the green wall theme but it also holds ‘run-off’.

Its a water tank or water butt plus a water treatment plant.

Now that is clever thinking. By Kooho Jung & Hayeon Kelly Choi – shown at Yanko

green wall and fence

green wall as a water tankwater tank well designed

water tank in a wall