Design of soft sided planters and indoor gardening. Woolly Pocket and Ambient.

Recently Woolly Pocket Gardening Company in the US released more soft sided planters onto the market. These planters have little zips  to provide planting flexibility.

Woolly Pocket’s complete range are designed to allow a plant to grow, live and breath in these soft sided pockets. The design of the contemporary planter is all about ensuring optimal health for the plant whilst looking good in the home.

Woolly Pocket advise there is no need to re-pot as the plant will only grow as big as the container. The material allows a plant’s root system to breath which in turn allows a root system to be air pruned rather than becoming pot bound.

Providing you do not over water the plant there will be no water on the carpet or floorboards either.  Miguel Nelson, the designer of the planter, reassures me that it usual to over water maybe once but no big deal, just wipe with a towel and the owner is unlikely to do it again.

Indoor planter with soft sides in black
Woolly Pocket Indoor Planter

Meanwhile, in Germany a similar LOOKING product has been released by Ambiente but there is a major design difference. Do not be fooled. Ambient’s design does not allow a plant to be installed directly into the  pocket. This design is way of concealing ugly indoor pots – it is not designed to support the health of a plant. These are clothes for a pot .

Ambient planter pot screens in black
Ambient planter pot screens