Raised planters are like walking sticks and wheelchairs – grow your own edibles up high

‘Grow your own’ is rising trend and there are planters that are addressing this phenomena. One of these products is a raised planting bed that is at table height – great easy reach vegetable growing.  Plus what better way to ensure the local bunnies do not eat your edibles.

But there is a slight problem. It seems to me that this concept has not dawned on the design community. While some of the following raised planter beds may be OK for the cottage garden aesthetic  in aint my cup of tea.

Table height planting beds are kinda like walking sticks and wheelchairs. They are for the disabled and elderly so product designers tend to give them little consideration.

Here are some examples that are currently on the market.

patio planter on legs

patio planter raised in greenpatio planter table timber

However don’t be put off by my aesthetic judgement. They serve a very functional purpose. Contact details in order of appearance.