Eat and grow your greens – just grab a wall. Grow your own indoor garden accessories

green wall planter growing sprouts

Higrow have developed some kitchen accessories that help people garden indoors. A neat little indoor window or wall planter that allows bio-dynamic enthusiasts to hang their greens from a suction cup friendly vertical surface. Here are the instructions:

1. Purchase a ‘sproutapouch’ wall planter

1. Place compost disc inside the pouch

2. Pour water into pocket and watch the disk expand to 8 x its size

3. Sprinkle on seeds provided

4. Stick lid down, open gusset and seal lid to pouch

5. Stick to a window or other suction cup friendly green wall and have a micro-salad in days.

The pockets come in 5 varieties: rocket, red radish, broccoli, spring onion and white mustard

This is self induced product placement – I just happen to like the concept. For further details contact the family operated business Higrow –