Alice’s Polka Dot Plate Garden Party will Involve Bouncing Children and Musical Statues Plus Heaps of Decorations

Hanging tea lights in a row

Polka dot picnicware on the ground

I have commenced planning for a polka dot plate garden party. The event will be located in Alice’s garden so it will involve all things magical – but the theme is most definitely polka dots .

I have heaps of  garden accessories to help decorate the outdoors – melamine polka dot bowls,  serving trays, serviettes as well as hanging tea lights. I will be positioning the lights  in a strategic manner – dotted up high and low.

Once all accessories are in place I plan to invite a few of the local 3 and 4 year old children around for a bounce on the oversized ugly trampoline.  It will be a dynamic tea party I am sure. Proposed children’s games include dancing  and musical statues. And we will be eating marble cake with pink frosted icing.

Roll on spring.