Urchins and Hairy Garden Wall Art. Fantasy Garden Light Mosaics by Helen Nock

Garden wall art made from glass



garden wall art reclaimed glass


The two pictures above are of Helen Nock’s Light Urchin. The Urchin is a light cover that can be placed over most indoor or outdoor garden wall lights.

Measuring 30cm diameter these hairy glass buttons are part of my favourite garden wall art pieces and are now firmly in Alice’s Garden (my imaginary garden and is currently being morphed with see through concrete and glass green (garden art) wall jewels – click through to see related articles).

Helen has made these using reclaimed glass and hot-forged stainless steel bars. Helen explores new ways of working with mosaics and is interested in using mosaic glass that takes on a 3 dimensional quality. While these urchin’s are part of her more experimental range she also designs and creates  glass wall mosaics that can be inserted into any garden wall.

Stained glass windows have been gracing the walls of church gardens for centuries. Helen can make this concept a reality for the domestic garden. Glass offers plenty of opportunity to play with light in the garden and rather than just hanging art onto a garden wall there may be opportunity to incorporate art into a garden wall itself.

stained glass as wall art