Share love ideas that promote eco garden gifts. Snippets from Urban Gardens and Green Fudge

giving a garden gift

Gift 1

Just found a great way of giving a friend a growing garden gift on Green Fudge.

Its a stylish planter that allows you to grow seedlings and then simply pull apart once the seedling has grown to a  couple of inches. The product is called Osusuwake (means sharing in Japanese) by designers Kenma. The image is teeny  – check out the product’s slideshow on Kenma’s website.

According to Green Fudge instead of using soil, the planter

’employs the use of Puffcal—a lightweight, gel-like soil substitute. Simply plant your seeds and once they sprout, you can section off the planter and distribute it amongst friends’.

Gift 2

As a big fan of mud pies in my youth I can really relate to the idea of giving dirt as gift.  Urban Gardens just posted a review of  a heart shaped dirt gift with a strong eco message developed by Luvmud. The gift is handcrafted from soil, worm castings, cow manure, clay, and coconut coir, embedded with seeds for germination. Ha love it.

eco garden gift
dirt gift