A roof garden suspended in a basket. Clever Hanging Planter Solution Collects Water From Leaking Roof.

haning planter indoors

Look at these hanging baskets. Its a new version of a roof garden. Always on the hunt for clever wall planters I was surprised to see these plants hanging from the roof of Tide Tables cafe  under Richmond Bridge in London.

And what a great idea. The owner of the cafe was interested in a green wall but opted for this clever design solution. The baskets are the wire shopping baskets that can be found at most supermarkets. The plants are then suspended from the basket facing downwards.

But how do you water the plants? Well the baskets are actually holding containers to collect water from the leaking roof. The baskets are really designed to collect water rather than just being an aesthetic consideration. Ah very clever. A new planter pot idea.

But doesn’t the soil drop out? Nope, there is no soil. And they are not air plants. The plants are fake.