Variegated Begonia rex leaves -indoor gardening – it died – white powder killed it – 1/4 of the price

Bergonia garden art leaves

Some variegated leaves seem like a total over the top major design triumph for mother nature. A tad gawdy but I love them. These variegated Begonia leaves spin me out – how can all that colour and shape happen on one leaf?

All these leaves have since died. I purchased two of these plants for a £1 each from the local nursery in early January  – they were heading for the bin anyway – slowly they developed  a white mould and this morning the last leaf shrivelled to the ground. Nevertheless I am going to persevere with these plants. But I am going to start with healthier plant stock. Another lesson on what happens when you buy poor plant stock.

Found an interesting blog on how to  propagate begonias from leaves. But I don’t have the time, patience or space to undergo such horticultural activites. I am impressed by anyone who does such work. PATSP (plants are the strangest people) impresses me.

OK just read PATSP summary of the Begonia rex – am not touching them again – if he can’t keep them alive then I can’t. He has some great picture links as well.