Air Plants (Tillandsia) with Love – a Key Essential to Garden Art

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If you live in America and can not bear the concept of buying another chunk of chocolates for your beloved you can buy a gift box filled with growing love – an airplant (Tillandsia) from Flora Grubb’s on-line store. Apartment Therapy have recently done a few article on air plants as well and mentioned fernseed as another artist who works with these plants (see her image below).

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Garden Beet loves this idea and has hunted down a UK retailer who specialises in air plants.

Key Essentials is run by Maria Isaacs in Dorset. The family company sells an overwhelming number of air plants that make great gifts. Some plants are grown in the UK and others are nursery grown in Guatemala and then shipped to the UK.

Isaacs has been growing and selling air plants for 15 years and advises that they are really an indoor plant in the UK.  Some species are hardier than others and whilst most can survive outdoors during the warmer months it is best to bring them inside during winter. They dislike frosts.

Air plants do not need soil to grow and therefore can be located just about anywhere providing its not too cold. These plants provide great sculptural opportunity (as shown in the previous article on air plants) .