Garden Art, Air Plants, Tillandsia and Airspace in Contemporary Gardens


Airplants (genus Tillandsia) offer much garden art inspiration. Tillandsia create amazing shapes with their tentical like leaves. They do not need any soil and are therefore able to be fixed to various materials and locations.  Landscape Architect, Flora Grubb in San Francisco has become well known for her arrangements of these plants. The idea of arranging Tillandsia is not new but Flora has certainly moved these plants from their original 70’s wood and rock arrangements (as shown below) .

air plants

Given the current trend of architecture morphing with the garden in a Patric Blanc style it is likely that we will continue to see  different garden typologies develop.

Flora has also been responsible for some beautiful succulent green walls. These wall planters have been inspiring many internet gardeners and she now has the product available for purchase .

green wall of succulents

Biospheres by Artist Tomas Saraceno uses the airplants in his art to explore ecology. For a full explanation on these Globes please refer to RETHINK Contemporary art and climate change .

suspended garden art