The role of Social Media in ‘Serious’ ThinkinGarden Discussions?

I started reading ThinkinGardens the other day. ThinkinGardens is a website that is all about trying to get gardening to ‘grow up’ and be taken seriously by the ‘Arts’. Garden reviews apparently suffer from sickly comments from the RHS et al and not enough intellectual debate from the Arts community. Some members of the garden design world feel under recognised.  Its manifesto also states that

The ThinkinGardens group is exploring a new way of thinking about, and discussing, gardens. This manifesto sets out the agenda for change, and asks the reader to contribute to this debate.

OK great I will. And in true bloggin style I felt the need to share my opinion every now and then. I have grown so use to this being an acceptable form of commentary I felt the lack of a comment box was like a major barrier to contributing to the debate.

What I had to write a letter to make a comment? Shall I title the page Sir?  It seemed a very old fashioned way to discuss ideas. Is this really a new way of discussing gardens? May be the quick bloggin response is not appropriate for their proposed task.

I appreciate the need for considered articles.  But given the pace of ideas hurtling through cyber space these days I fear these guys are missing a huge opportunity by not allowing some of this debate to be in current time.

I am sure the discussion would be much livelier if some on-line conversation was allowed.  What about Google Wave?

Anyway my letter has been submitted (via email) so lets see what happens.