Garden Trellis becomes Metal Wall Art – Contemporary Garden Accessories Provide Design Assistance in Young Gardens

Your average garden trellis is not meant to be seen. It is one of those garden accessories designed to be covered with plants. Its the structure a climbing plant requires to create a green wall. We put up with this (often ugly) trellis whilst waiting for plants to establish.

But if you can change your attitude to the trellis and see it as a design opportunity it can add to the contemporary garden aesthetic and contribute to a garden design even without the plants.

A contemporary interpretation of the garden trellis has been developed by European designers Flora. They have created five designs that allow climbing plants to weave amongst abstract garden wall art.

The affect of the metal trellis is enhanced when panels are joined to create a large pattern of negative and positive space. Just add plants to the composition and we have created a living wall art piece.

garden trellis with plants

metal trellis with plants