Garden Shed – Steel Rods, Basket Weaving. Landforming Garden Sculpture

a garden shed that is also garden sculpture
garden sculpture becomes a shed



What a brilliant composition of steel bars and earth. This is the garden shed belonging to a private residence in Edinburgh. The functional domain of the garden has become a garden sculpture.
The designers have drawn on the traditional basket or willow fence weave to create a building form that is almost fluid but with reinforcing bars. Morphing with the ground plane and the garden bed edging the normally rigid steel bars have a flexible appearance. Various patterns are created with the light and contrasting landscaping materials to create a very unique garden shed.
It is part of a wider garden design created by Water Gems who are landscape water specialists. They won the 2009 British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) Grand Award for this design.
Metal weaving garden sculpture

Steel eding of the garden shed

Metal Weave garden beds