Garden Accessories. Britian HATES Wind chimes. I HATE noisy neighbours. Contemporary Gardens need Mute Buttons

Scrolling around the garden accessories department of the biggest digital supermarket – Google- has led me to a very funny poll – according to the Daily Express a poll conducted by the most hated garden accessories are wind chimes.  Mmmm. Noise ? Now that is an interesting dimension to garden accessories that Garden Beet has not addressed to date.

Noise knows no property boundaries and I can truly sympathise with loss of amenity as a result of loud neighbours…. but wind chimes?  let me say I would prefer a wind chime garden accessory any day compared to noisy neighbours .

…my Number One HATED garden accessories area the noisy neighbour …..they are the worst gardening accessories of all.

..chilling out in the back garden saturday morning……picking out weeds from an over designed garden bed and bang…..the neighbours are home from the market screaming about the cost of apples this week…..then some other domestic dreary dialogue all with the passion of a wild love drama screen play.

.ahh ……I began devising plots… retaliatory sound sculptures, nosiewalls it was enough for me and I dare not go back to my Mediterranean suburb of Thornbury Australia until my neighbours (aka my garden accessories) have dunk themselves to oblivion

……here in the all so lovely picturesque Richmond, London people politely excuse themselves after mearly yelping ‘careful darling’ as the 2 year old approaches moving traffic…….how the tables have turned …..I am now the hated garden accessory in my new neighhbourhood…..I have children who scream, I scream at them ……we also have a hideous tramploine with security fencing…ahh the eyesore… but as my Thornbury neighbour informed me when I went to request a noise reduction program ………. ‘we are just living’  ….. .jeepers creepers my family and I now need a large garden accessory mute button – any sound designers out there?