Herb Garden | Indoor Gardening – Now Possible with the Right Green Wall or Wall Planter System

Woolly Pocket Wall Planter
Woolly Pocket Wall Planter perfect for Indoor Gardens
Indoor Woolly Wally Pockets Wall Planters
Wall Planters for any room in the house
An indoor herb garden
An indoor garden

The Woolly Wally Pocket green wall system is perfect for an  indoor garden and the indoor gardening lover, especially if you want a herb garden in the kitchen and you are running out of bench space.

The Pockets are essentially wall planters that can either be used on their own, in groups or as a complete wall cover to create a super dooper fully living green wall. Perfect for covering that giant wall or creating a small pocket indoor herb garden next to the cook’s bench top.

The wall planters come in a lined and unlined version.

The lined wall planters are for indoor gardening and prevent the wall planters from dripping. For further information on watering please refer to our green wall information page.

Remarkably they also allow the plant’s root system to breathe, thereby promoting healthy plants and preventing plants from becoming pot bound. For further details on the breathability aspects of the wall planter take another look at our detailed green wall information page.

The Woolly Pocket wall planter may appear more expensive than your traditional wire basket wall planter however the Woolly Pockets are a much superior wall planter.

For a start the wall planters allow you to plant indoors; they promote good plant growth, they look great even before the plants have grown, they come in three colours and sizes, are tough and are made from recycled  plastic bottles.

It is also a modular system that you can add to over time. This is not a throw away product but an investment in your home.

A herb garden needs to be accessible – an indoor wall planter, located in the kitchen is about as accessible as it gets.

For further details on Woolly Wally Pockets green wall system please refer to out Vertical Garden section of the Garden Beet website. We are located in London and ship worldwide.