Envionmentally Friendly Christmas Gift for the Eco Savvy Consumer and Gardeners alike- Woolly Wally Pockets Vertical Garden System

A vertical garden with plants suspended

Woolly Wally Pockets, the great vertical garden system, are available in the UK through Garden Beet offering an alternative environmentally friendly Christmas gift idea for the eco savvy consumer and gardeners alike.

Made of recycled plastic bottles, the vertical garden pockets allow plants to be grown all year round, inside or outside, on walls or fences. Vertical gardens assist with the thermal properties of walls and also help to absorb noise. The unique planter pocket design allows the roots of the plants to breathe, thereby promoting healthy plant growth.

The manufacturer is committed to sound environmental practices and the Woolly Wally Pockets have been designed to provide an alternative option for growing plants in urban areas where space may be limited.

Felicity Waters, Landscape Architect and owner of Garden Beet, explains:

“Not only are the Woolly Pockets made from recycled plastic which is great when trying to be environmentally friendly, but they also allow people to grow their own herbs and vegetables at home where space may be limited to say a balcony, or a small courtyard, potentially helping those who are trying to reduce their carbon footprints too.”

The vertical garden pockets will fit any sized wall and come in three colours and three sizes.

Patrick Blanc the French botanist and famous designer is often referred to as the founder of the vertical garden concept and his spectacular work is certainly having an influence on how garden designers and interior designers are approaching the treatment of vertical spaces. One of the latest indoor vertical gardens to be constructed in London can be found at Anthropologie, Regent Street, London.

As an introductory offer Garden Beet is offering 10% off all Woolly Wally Pocket purchases made before the 18th December. Please visit the Garden Beet website for further details and for information on this special offer.

A vertical garden on a tall wall inside

Woolly Pocket with plants ready to hang on a wall(PRWeb UK/PRWEB ) November 21, 2009