Building green walls at Anthroplogy Regent Street London. I want one

Building green walls is a catching trend.  The latest public display of an indoor green wall in London is at Anthropologie, on London’s Regent Street.


Below are a few shots of the outside green wall built in London’s west end  Westfield shopping complex designed by EDAW ( who have changed there name to AECOM).

The green wall concept has really been pioneered by  Patrick Blanc and a load of his fantastical  designs can be seen by doing a simple image  google search. Which I have done for you – just click google search.

Westfield green wall showing curve


If you want to build your own green wall Woolly Wally pockets provide you with a DIY solution. Garden Beet stocks the pockets in three sizes and three colours. Allowing you to create any sized green wall in range of visual settings, both inside and outside. As these are modular units the only limit is imagination.

Vertical Garden Indoors

If you want to build your own successful green wall Woolly Wally Pockets are competitively priced. These pockets are designed to last and can withstand the weight of soil and a plant’s root systems, as well as the harsh conditions of an outdoor environment. Plus the Woolly Wally Pockets allow a green wall to be built indoors as well.

Woolly Pockets  provide optimal growing conditions for a green wall. Each plant is given a large growing medium when compared to other vertical garden systems. Plus the root systems are air pruned preventing plants from becoming pot bound and thereby under performing, or even worse, dying.

These pockets allow anyone with a wall, sunlight, soil and plants to build their own green wall without any specialist green wall building knowledge.

Of course there are a range of solutions available but most are aimed at large corporate green wall designs. Woolly Wally Pockets are designed for the large coporate walls as well as the more domestic applications.

If you want to explore some great examples of  green walls that have been built in various parts of the world using a range of green wall products visit Gardenoplis.

If you want further help on building green walls refer to the continuing education website for construction professionals or the  daily anarchist or another article written by me.

This is only the beginning  I am sure.