Urban-Gnomes the eco-chic garden gift for a moody teenager or an experimental skater parent

Just had an influx of Vitamin’s gnomes to Garden Beet’s website .  These little men are a great take on the very kitsch garden decor that once upon a time appeared in  suburban front yards ( at least where I lived in Australia).

These guys are shortish (21cm) and each has a different design. Some are adorned with grungy urban graffiti images while others are more light and happy with their wistful plant illustrations.   I suppose Vitamin are just reflecting the diverse ambience that can be experienced in the great outdoors.

All are fresh from London’s culturally diverse Brick Lane in the East End and are ready to dispatch to a new loving home. Urban gnomes are adaptable and would be suitable as a garden gift for a moody teenager as well as your mother.

Wildstyle Green on White

Dandelion (2)fw

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