Urban Design, Advertising and Hanging Planters in the Spanish Village of Mojacar

It is exciting when traditional techniques (spanish ceramic glazed tiles) are incorparated into the needs of the present day (web advertising) as it creates unique, interesting solutions and can often morph into something else (of course this is how ideas evolve).

Below is a shot of the traditional tile used in the village of Mojocar  in Spain used to advertise the website of a jazz club. The building owner probably had little choice for material selection as it seems that this part of Spain has strong planning controls. Why do i suspect government intervention? Well most buildings are white, advertising is very limited and overall this little village displays strong visual cohesion. Surely that is impossible to acheive within a large international tourist region without regulation?

Buildings,  businesses and streets are all named with the use of these types of tiles or similar.


This wall is also adorned with a quirky arrangement of hanging pot plants ( could we call this a green wall?) . The flower pots seen in the photos below  are secured to the walls with metal hangers (as far as I am aware these metal planter holders can be purchased at most local hardware stores in the Majocar region).