Container Planting – new trends?

There appears to be a trend to place a plant in a container other than a plant pot or maybe its redefining ‘What is  a plant pot?’ – this has probably happened before in gardening history but I am going to be on the hunt for 2009/10 examples and submit to Nat’s Hot spotting blog……Data collection can happen here.

Number one appears to be the Patio planters or planting bags

Manufacturers are developing Planting Bags left right and center at the moment  – Haxnicks released their red, green and blue woven plastic potato planters throughout 2009…(.which can add  difference in the garden. Its great to have some bright colours). Be aware that the red planters fade  to a pink within a couple of months (this usually happens with red pigments when exposed to sunlight – this issue can be overcome in the manufacturing process however it can make items costly).

At the recent Glee Trade Fair Haxnicks launched another 7 planter bags. The colours are more muted and come with supports at the top of the bag to prevent it from collapsing. They have also incorporated cane holders so the tomato, beans etc have a surface to climb. This is welcomed as anyone who used these bags during spring/summer 2009 would realise there were issues with collapsing stakes with the weight of a mature plant  – if your only way to secure the stakes was via the soil in the bag.

My only concern is that these items are made from polythene – I suppose the cost of using recycled plastics would not make these a consumer favourite – and they promote DIY vegy growing so surely this is a good trade off? The bags are only £14.99 for three. That is affordable.  Comments on this issue are welcomed.

The fact that you can fold these planters away when your bumper crop of tomatos has been eaten is great. This should be welcomed by those with small spaces, people who frequently move houses and those who have to carry their containers up stairs or long distances. The only heavy object will be the soil. Plus there will be no need to toil the soil – fun if you are strong and enjoy the excerise but not practical for all.

Haxnicks colour potatoe and tomatoe planters

There are also a range of jute planting bags coming onto the market. Nether Wallop Trading produce the pot plant holders below. They are fully lined and the idea is to place your container  inside them – not plant directly into the jute bag . Jute container planting