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an urban forest

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WHAT? We are seeking 100 sponsors to help raise awareness. Urban areas need trees. Urban areas are heat sinks

In Melbourne Australia during the 2010 firestorms more people died of heat related stress in urban areas than those in the actual firefront. Urban heat can be dramatically reduced with the installation of trees. We have known the benefits of trees for eons. Why are there still zillions of streets bare in Europe, USA and Australia?

WHY THIS ISSUE? It is relatively easy problem to fix. Its a no brainer. Lets start with an an environmental problem that we can fix. If every 100th person decided to care about street trees our cities would better.

Travel along the roads that follow the Thames in London. As you move from the wealthy west to the traditionally poor areas of the east canopy cover reduces dramatically.  

Lets flip to Melbourne Australia.  As you move from the wealthy east to the traditionally poor areas of the west canopy cover reduces dramatically.  

What is going on? Well its all about the history of settlement. Every city has its own story and its all intertwined with politics and the enviornment. But why should history be dictating? 

We know the benefits of trees and greening and all that eco stuff.  Its about time we grabbed a jackhammer and started inserting trees in our streets.

HOW DO I ENTER? Please choose a page that fits with your business (other than the home page) and we will plant a tree (flat rate admin cost applies). You are paying us to write the content that will build the bridge between our website, your website and give further detail on urban forests .

  • This is a first come first served arrangement.
  • There are only 100 trees made available.
  • There will only be one tree per page.
  • Each sponsor has a 1 in 100 chance of being located on the home page for 12 months.
  • Once all 100 trees have been planted the forest is closed for 12 months.
  • The selection of the home page transplant will be random.
  • If you sponsor a tree for three years and are lucky enough to become the home page winner your digital tree will remain on the home page for 3 years.   

WHAT ARE THE COSTS? Sponsor 12 month £69,  Sponsor 3 years £100

HOW CAN GARDEN BEET RAISE AWARENESS? we just have – if you have got this far you now know about urban heat sinks.

Garden Beet has up to 17K visitors per month during summer. Our traffic is generated predominantly through natural search and press.

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