A cheap vertical garden idea – edge your climber


a cheap way of building a living wall

This vertical garden is primarily made from ficus creeper. Its not a new generation living wall (ie made up of plants that do not normally creep up a wall such as ferns, grasses etc)  but it certainly tricked me.

The sharp edges of the creeper gave the appearance that it was a vertical garden made from a system such as easiwall.

I was kinda struck how easy it can be to achieve a contemporary vertical garden ‘look’ without having to part with oodles of money.

Of course the number of plants that will achieve this style is limited but I liked the way the garden owner has broken the ficus square with hanging planters.

Great food for thought. This image offers plenty of scope for creating a cheap vertical garden.


  1. Ben – are you joking?
    This creeper is notorious for its quick growth. One cutting and it is off – if you left it for 10 years it will take over the house! It is also known for its vigorous root system. It can split the cement of masonry walls – it needs to be carefully checked

  2. Looks really cool, i have a ficus bonsai thats not grown that much in the 5 years i’ve had, but i expect its because of the root containment!!