Living walls ain’t bling to me. Woolly Pocket offer a real vertical garden opportunity

wall planters on brick wall

wall plants

plants on wall with house

wall planters at back of house

Did I ever mention Woolly Pockets? Sorry to bang on with the same old drum. I have been experimenting on an even bigger scale with vertical gardens and wall planters today.  I read all these living wall sceptics in the news and blogs etc – sometimes referring to the whole concept as garden bling.

Well- it aint bling to me.  Usually I grow to hate products – not this one – the more I use the Woolly Pocket the more I appreciate its worth. It can increase your gardening space, allows you to experiment with plants and the plants are pretty happy. I am having noddles of fun.

By the way my architectural backdrop does not reflect my abode. I live in the eyesore darling – but I don’t look at it – my neighbours do….