Living walls ain’t bling to me. Woolly Pocket offer a real vertical garden opportunity


wall planters on brick wall

wall plants

plants on wall with house

wall planters at back of house

Did I ever mention Woolly Pockets? Sorry to bang on with the same old drum. I have been experimenting on an even bigger scale with vertical gardens and wall planters today.  I read all these living wall sceptics in the news and blogs etc – sometimes referring to the whole concept as garden bling.

Well- it aint bling to me.  Usually I grow to hate products – not this one – the more I use the Woolly Pocket the more I appreciate its worth. It can increase your gardening space, allows you to experiment with plants and the plants are pretty happy. I am having noddles of fun.

By the way my architectural backdrop does not reflect my abode. I live in the eyesore darling – but I don’t look at it – my neighbours do….


  1. Great stuff Felicity

    So many possibilities…thanks for taking the time to chat yesterday. I’ll be chatting about your Woolly Pockets with a couple of clients, hope you don’t mind if I copy your images to show what can be done.


  2. The fabric pocket idea is a great method for making vertical gardening easy. I have built a Delosperma wall to experiment with no water planting.

    I’d be interested to know how well your pockets and plants are doing 3 years on?

  3. Hi Allan

    That living wall does not exist anymore as I moved!

    I now have new walls and a different array of plants. In all honesty I think if that wall was still upright the planting mix would have changed dramatically. But that is only because I love to experiment.

    After all these years my love affair with Woolly Pockets has not wiltered. Its a robust product. Sure some plants have not thrived but others have. I am relucatant to provide a list of what has and has not worked as there are so many variables at play.

    Woolly Pockets offer a REAL alternative to the horizontal planting bed but you still have to water, weed and watch.

  4. It would still be great to hear what plants have worked for you and which haven’t. For example on green roofs Delosperma has been shown to be one of the most resilient.

  5. Hi Alan
    Well all the usual trailing plant suspects that grow beautifully in hanging baskets accross the UK such as bacopa.
    Bacopa with its pretty white flowers grows really well in Australia as well – as long as it is kept watered.

    All the succulents, euphorbias, mints, thymes.

    This is another blog post Allan. Please subscribe to my feed and it will be posted shortly.