Greening Sydney Road – 10 years later maybe – with wall planters?

no wall planters in moreland

Above image Julian Ruxworthy

Sydney Road in Melbourne, Australia is urban with little room for ‘greening’

Sydney Road’s local government (Moreland City Council) is big on greening.

In 2000 the problem with Sydney Road (according to its local government) was is its lack of growing space for ‘greenery’. There were overhead powerlines galore, underground lines for this and that, local traders compulsory car parking spaces and loads of verandahs resulting in limited room for tree canopy.  To overcome this problem there was a project called ‘Greening Sydney Road’.

The proposed design failed.

It involved mesh/trellis structures that moved within the footpath area, under the verandah and where possible above the pedestrian. The plants unfortunately failed to perform. I can only suggest that perhaps it was partly because the community wanted instant green and could not understand these metal climbing structures.  From what I can remember Moreland’s  planting palette would only allow indigenous plants. Crazy really. Do we really want habitat next to the butcher?

Anyway the local community revolted and the project was pulled.

The design concept was right but the detailed design required further resolution.  Metal mesh structures were perhaps not the right solution. Perhaps the concept design can be realised with Woolly Pocket wall planters. I know its 10 years late but I think Sydney Road may still be in need of a few more green spots.

wall planters on a shop front

wall planters on shop