Felted recycled plastic bottles create vertical gardens and green walls: Woolly Pockets Wall Planter


fabric create vertical gardens

Recycled fabric cream

wall pockets without plants

indoor felted fabric holding plants

Woolly pockets are made from a felted type fabric that is woven from recycled plastic bottles. The Woolly Pockets enable vertical gardens (also referred to as green walls or living walls) to be created indoors and outdoors.

The fabric allows a plant’s root system to breathe which in turn allows the root system to be air-pruned rather than becoming pot bound. They are a pretty clever wall planter.

Plus they allow people to grow plants on any indoor wall. The indoor model is lined thereby preventing water from gushing onto the shag pile carpet.

But how does that work?

Well, the weave of the lining allows air and water to pass but it slows the movement of the water. If water does start to move through the felted fabric you just simply dab with a towel. You are unlikely to over water again.

Garden Beet is based in London UK and ships to most places that require an easy to build green wall.

Check out our vertical garden pages for more detail and  BUY at Garden Beet.


  1. Good post
    Turning a garden on its side to create a verdant, vertical surface not only looks good but promotes wildlife, good air quality and sustainabilty too
    Most living wall designs can work in a home environment and more and more people are installing them

  2. i am wondering where to purcase these bags. we live in houston area and would like to find a place the purchase them to use in our backyard.