Green Wall, Living Wall What Do You See? I see Garden Accessories Looking at Me?


Green Wall

Garden Accessories

‘Lost in Paris’   by architects  R+Sei (n)  2008.

OK so the solid single species plant is a tad boring for the plant enthusiast but the green wall’s jewels are far from boring. To date most of the green walls I have seen are comprised of plants. But on this domestic green wall somewhere in Paris, the living wall (or vertical gardens) concept is slightly different.

Here the watering mechanism is turned into art and the green wall is as much about the plants as the technology of growing plants vertically. From what I can establish rainwater is collected by the glass berries and fed back into the hydroponic system that lies behind the green wall. These glass sculptures are not intended to be seen as mere garden accessories but a core mechanism to the survival of the green wall (at least that is my assessment – I may be wrong?).

Green Wall System


Green wall workings behind facade