Enviornmentally friendly gift wraps, Christmas wrap, sewing pins and scarfs to keep ecological gifts warm and beautiful


Just read a great article on gift wrapping Christmas presents with things other than brand spanking new Christmas paper – like maps, comics, newspapers  etc which of course is totally fabarama. And its something that our parents/grandparents new about long ago.


I have another tip – its my Mum’s and I must say I use to be a tad embarassed by it during my childhood.

When you really need to use that ‘oh so wonderful brand new wrapping paper’ consider using sewing pins rather than tape. The recipient can then reuse the paper and the pins!

OK its not great idea for 3 year olds but 7 and up should be able to cope. And yes there are small holes but its better than a rip.


Here is another eco tip. Consider using ribbon for its original purpose – to hold the wrapping.  Novel.


Or how about using scarves – I almost fell over when I saw this –  fabrications offer a wrapping service at the ‘Hidden Art Open Studios & Christmas Design Fair.

FANTASTIC – i know there are scarf collectors out there who may flip out – surely this can not be good for the hand rolled plump edges and the original crease lines that  are highly sought after by the Hermes collectors – fear not no collectables are harmed but merely placed to one side.

You can also buy DIY kits from Fabrications in Hackney, London and through their on-line shop – each bag contains enough material for 3 Christmas gifts.  A great accompanier to an eco gift.

Fabrications is offering this scarf wrapping service throughout December at their shop in Hackney and at the ‘The East London Design Show‘, Shoreditch Town Hall from the 4th till the 6th of December, 2009 .