Walking Sticks are designed for colour, fun and funk. With each Switch Stick sale, Garden Beet donates to Parkinsons.

walking stick with colour

Garden Beet is now selling Switch Sticks – walking sticks with happy prints. Thank goodness someone out there has decided that attention needs to be given to independent living tools. I am so taken with some of these designs that for each sale Garden Beet is donating £5 to the  Parkinson’s Disease Society in the UK.

Why are all these movement aids usually so ugly, cumbersome  and horrid. Why do perfectly good looking houses grow these mega ugly rails when anyone with some type of physical impairment lives within. Enough. Occupational Therapists I would be interested in your thoughts? Do you think this is important or am I preoccupied with shallow concerns?

Ilse Parry and Phillippe Stark seem to think mobility tools are definitely worth a designers consideration. Stark announced Ilsa Parry as the winner of the BBC’s ‘Design for Life’ program with her design for a walking aid called Flo. Here is a quote from one of her supporters – posted on Parry’s blog

…For years I hoped that designers would remember that older and disabled people needed products that would express how they feel. The aids out there are miserable and ugly. Thank you for having thecourage to think differently about an often neglected market.I am a relatively young person who uses several walking aids. The  ‘coolest’ cane I could find was one made from lucite. It looks like perspex. When I use it everyone thinks its cool. I think younger people would love your flo. Perhaps you could put your talents to re-designing the rollator and the wheelchair. Oh I can’t emphasise what a need there is for change in these products……………..

Roll on 2010. Garden Beet hopes to stock this beautiful Parry-gem.  Picture of flo In the meantime get your happy folding walking stick at Garden Beet. A great christmas gift.

folding walking stick