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garden bedroom quilt

How Garden-themed Quilt Cover Sets, Indoor Plants and Mini Garden can make your bedroom a paradise

Home is a place of peace for any living soul on the face of this plant. It creates a much-needed space between us and the chaotic world. It calms and soothes us in a way no place can. Isn’t it enough reason to invest some time in decorating our homes as per our wishes and […]

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garden clean ups

Garden clean up vs a redesign

  A thought – do domestic garden designers feel compelled to ignore past garden designs. Is a garden clean up a better design solution than a garden redesign makeover? Garden Beet is rather interested in controlling the aesthetic outcomes of a space via maintenance. This problem extends to all landscape types. Public and private spaces […]

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northcote bathroom

Northcote Outdoor Baths: Melbourne

   A garden in Northcote Melbourne is already ahead of the trend with its two outdoor baths! If we are to believe Grand Designs outdoor baths are likely to be rather popular soon. Given the hipster nature of Northcote it should be no surprise to find loads of relaxation moments behind the facades of Melbourne’s […]

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have you had enough of your boring garden walls?

Garden wall with art

Garden Wall Art Today I climbed over my friends fence to take a long look at my neighbors back garden – and there was garden art on those walls. I knew there was something interesting going on. They had two shipping containers in the back yard. He is a musician – he plays his drums […]

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Nutritional Benefits of Fresh Hydroponic Growing

According to studies published by the University of London and King’s College, much of the minerals in our fruits and vegetables has been degraded over time. Between 1940 and 1991, our veggies lost 49% of its sodium content, 46% of calcium, 59% of zinc and so on. About 70% of our topsoil is degraded to […]

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northcote has an outdoor bath

Outdoor Baths and Showers in Australia

  Outdoor baths are perfect for most Australian climates. As long as hot water is available an outdoor bath can be used through spring and autumn and some warmer days of winter . We are still finishing off the landscaping that surrounds this bath in Australia – it will look great soon. Garden Beet has […]

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fake wally pockets

Which vertical garden product should I buy?

Confused about which vertical gardening product to use? Vertical Gardening Online ( is here to help. Vertical gardening has taken off around the world. Products claiming to make your walls green are popping up everywhere and it has all become rather overwhelming for those who just want a simple affordable solution. If you are about […]

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ceramic garden art

Pick up some Garden Art at Auction. Frances Doherty. Two artichokes on a rod.

WOW we have just found a bargain auction for bespoke garden art – this is a fabulous find. The exquisite magnified seed pods and flowers created by Frances Doherty are cherished by Garden Beet. We have been fans of the ceramic artist for 3 years and are rather excited that she has decided to start […]

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Living Wall. Green Field Garden Supply. Wholesale supplier

    There are strong reasons to doubt the internet. This is particularly the case if you are using Alibaba to source living wall products. It continues to amaze Garden Beet how reputable UK ‘home and lifestyle’ retailers end up selling badly copied products because they do not really understand what makes a good living […]

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irrigation living walls

Automatic Irrigation Can Not be Trusted to Keep Living Walls Alive.

Automatic irrigation systems cannot be trusted.  When searching for a living wall designer and or installer it’s critical that questions are asked about how he/she plans to allow for irrigation failure. To create a decent living wall it is easy to spend £5-10K. If the irrigation fails to turn on during a holiday period and […]

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